the submission process

The Wehmann Agency represents models, actors, voice talent, children and hair/makeup artists for commercial advertising and film. We accept all ages, looks, ethnicities, and levels of experience.

If you are interested in representation, it is important that you send all promotional materials for our review. These materials may consist of composites, head shots, resumes, portfolios, and any other video or voice demos you may have.

We accept submissions via our online submission form or standard mail.

If you have yet to put together a composite or do not have a professional head shot, we are happy to look at candid photographs (please, no smaller than 4x6 in size). These photographs should be in color.

If you plan on mailing your materials, please include the following information with your photos:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number and email address (if applicable)
  • date of birth
  • height
  • weight
  • hair and eye color
  • clothing and shoe sizes
  • the date the photo was taken
  • a performance resume (this is especially important for new talent who wish to be considered for acting).

Please use the address below if you plan to mail your submission. If you would like your materials returned to you, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope.

Wehmann Models and Talent
Attn: New Talent Submissions
1128 Harmon Place, Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Upon receipt of your submission, we will review your materials and contact you if we think you have potential for the business we service. New talent over the age of 4 years are required to come to our office for a meeting with Susan Wehmann.

If we do not have openings for you when we receive your submission, we will keep your materials on file for three months. If an opening becomes available in that time, we will call you for an interview.

PLEASE NOTE: The review process usually takes about two weeks. You will only be contacted if we are interested in representing you, and have an opening in your category.

the interview

Susan Wehmann will sit down with you and explain how the business works, what you can expect, how you get paid, who we work with in the industry, the time it takes to get established, and what you can do to make it happen. You will also have an opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have about the industry and/or the agency. The interview will take about 15- 20 minutes at the Wehmann Agency in downtown Minneapolis.


If we choose to represent you, you will be given an information sheet of Agency Expectations. Our expectations include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Keeping us updated with current photos - Maintaining a current resume of your experience, especially as you begin to work and book jobs in the industry - Responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner - Arriving on-time and prepared for all auditions and bookings - Voice talent must maintain an updated demo with spots that are current and representative of your vocal range

These expectations are intended to create a successful working relationship with the Wehmann Agency.

the Wehmann website

The Wehmann Agency promotes, markets and transacts business from our website. It is our go-to method for promoting talent. Clients request digital images of talent daily and the e-list function on our website allows us to easily fulfill those requests. If you do not have an online profile with us, you may be missing out opportunities, especially those with a quick turn-around.

At your interview, Susan Wehmann will discuss the importance of having a personal profile on our website. An online profile consists of up to 6 photos, a resume, and voice demo (if applicable). We update it as often as you provide us with new images, tear sheets and resume updates. These updates ensure your representation through the Wehmann Agency is constant and current.


A resume is a key component to showing clients who you are and what you have accomplished in your modeling/acting career. It is a tool to help us promote you to our clients. As in business, there are many different ways to format your resume; however, it is important to think about your end goal. Are you tailoring your resume to both print and on-camera clients? Do you want to separate your print, on-camera and voice over work? There is no right or wrong way; it should be a reflection of your personality.

Do not be afraid if you do not have any experience to showcase, we all have to start somewhere! Despite your level of experience, it is still important to tell clients what separates you from the other talent you are up against. This can be done by listing out special skills or characteristics that you possess (i.e. singer, skilled soccer player, pianist, etc). We frequently receive requests to find talent who have experience with a certain skill set and use talent resumes to find those individuals.

There are numerous ways to format your resume and, as mentioned above, you need to figure out what you like best. We have gathered some examples of resumes from our current talent to help you get started.


Adult (acting)

Adult (modeling)




All resumes should be submitted as an Adobe PDF file. Please make sure to remove all personal contact information and replace it with the following:

Wehmann Models and Talent, Inc
1128 Harmon Place, suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55403