the submission process

We accept all ages, looks, ethnicities, and levels of experience. In order to be considered for representation, please send us composites, headshots, resumes, portfolios and any other video or voice demos you may have. You can send your submission via our online submission form, or by standard mail. If you do not have a composite or professional headshot, we will look at color candid photographs (no smaller than 4x6).

If mailing, include the following:

  • - Name
  • - Address
  • - Phone number
  • - Email
  • - Date of birth
  • - Height
  • - Weight
  • - Hair color
  • - Eye color
  • - Clothing size
  • - Shoe sizes
  • - Date the photo was taken
  • - Performance resume

If you would like your materials returned to you, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Our address:

Wehmann Models and Talent
Attn: New Talent Submissions
1128 Harmon Place, Suite 202
Minneapolis, MN 55403

After reviewing your materials we will contact you if we think you have potential for the business we service. New talent over the age of 4 years are required to come to our office for a meeting with Susan Wehmann. If we do not have any openings for you when we receive your submission, we will keep your materials on file for about three months. PLEASE NOTE: The review process usually takes about two weeks.

the interview

During your interview, you will find out how the business works, what the expectations are, how you get paid, clients we work with, the time it takes to get established, and what you can do to make that happen. You will also be able to ask specific questions you may have about the industry or the agency. The interview will take about 15-20 minutes.


Once representation has been established, you will be given a welcome packet that includes our agency expectations.

Wehmann website

We highly recommend you have an online profile. Wehmann promotes, markets and transacts business from our website daily. Your profile can consist of photos, a resume, voice and on-camera demos, (if applicable). We will update as often as you provide us with new materials.


A resume is a key component to showing clients who you are and what you have accomplished in your modeling/acting career. All resumes should be submitted as an Adobe PDF file. Please make sure you remove all personal contact information and replace it with Wehmann's contact information.

Here are some sample resumes:


Adult (acting)

Adult (modeling)