What sort of work does the agency get?

We work with casting directors, advertising agencies, photographers, production companies and clients directly to set up auditions and bookings for commercial advertising and film. A list of our clients can be found on our web site here.

What age range do you represent?

We accept and represent all ages of talent, from babies to seniors.

Can I be registered with more than one agency?

Yes, we encourage you to interview with several reputable agencies to find one that works for you. It is incredibly important to find the right agency fit for doing business in our market. We invite talent to be exclusive after a positive working relationship has been established.

Are you a modeling school?

No, we are not a modeling school and we do not offer classes through the agency. We represent models, actors, voice talent, children and hair/makeup artists for commercial advertising and film. We provide a service to our clients by helping them find the right look or sound for their advertising or film.

Do you have open calls?

We do not host open casting calls at the agency. If you are interested in representation, you must follow the submission process listed on our website. We ask this so we have the time to review your materials thoughtfully consider a place for you within the agency. Information on how to submit can be found under the information for new talent or submission form tabs.

How much work can I expect from the Wehmann Agency?

We are in the business of representing good choices for advertising and film; however, it is ultimately up to our clients who they choose to book for their projects. We are involved in the creative process when they contact us to help them cast and book the best possible model, actor, voice talent or hair/makeup artist for their advertising or film. We promote talent based on the client's needs for age, look, and level of experience. There are no guarantees that you will be booked; however, we choose to represent people who have the looks and level of experience requested by our clients on a regular basis.

Are there any fees to be represented by the Wehmann Agency?

If we choose to represent you, we require a professional head shot and also strongly encourage you to be on our website. These investments and recommendations will be discussed during your interview with Susan Wehmann.

How often should I update my materials?

We believe in maintaining current images and information for you on our website and in our database at all times. We ask that parents update images and sizes for their children every 6 months. Adult talent should provide updated images, tear sheets, resumes, and demos as often as possible. This is especially important when you make major changes to your look (hair length and/or color, drastic weight gain or loss, braces, tattoos, piercings, etc). These updates allow you to have the most opportunity for auditions and bookings.

What does your agency look for?

In general, when reviewing submissions, we look for new talent to meet several criteria (listed below). However, we often interview talent who do not meet the criteria as we receive frequent creative requests from clients.

  • Men, women and children who are photogenic
  • Actors and voice talent who have well-established resumes and demos
  • Female models who are 5'7" or taller
  • Male models who are 5'10" or taller
  • Children age 10 and under who fit the average clothing size for their age

Please feel free to email or call any time with additional questions about the business. Agents are listed online under the contact us tab, or you may call 612/333-6393. We look forward to working with you.